How do we fund this?

We want to be transparent to everyone about the costs and we want to be clear.

We do not want to lose the skills we currently have in the industry.

We want to pay professionals for the work they do.


To do this we have to ensure each show is funded before it takes place.

We ask Patrons to buy their tickets in advance and to trust us.

In return we will publish our costs in advance and the number of ticket sales.


Budget met through ticket sales 14 days prior to show date?

We do the show.


Budget not met?

Money back in full within 48hrs.

All ticket money ​paid in advance will be held in escrow so it remains safe


Budget exceeded?

We give the excess to charity.

You, the Patron decides at the time of purchase which Charity your surplus is given to.

It is not for us to decide which Charity.  

Please tell us in which direction you want your money to be directed towards.



Ticket Sales:

We would aim to pitch ticket prices on an individual show basis but somewhere in the region of:



£10 (or similar in your currency)

Live Stream including download of L-R audio, 360 Binaural and Director Feed Video

£5.00 (or similar in your currency)

Download of Director Feed Video and 360 camera with binaural

Available +72hrs from show


​ £2.50 (or similar in your currency)

Download of Director Feed Video and L-R Audio only

Available +72hrs from show​