We Take Venues to the Audience

With a high quality Audio and Visual experience we used to deliver in person, daily,

but for now, online.

Broadcasts of events, concerts and live experiences 

that are not just filmed on a phone in someone’s house, however intriguing those might be.


Events will be 


Professionally mixed Audio by the Artiste’s preferred Engineer

 Professionally visually recorded content and edited on a multi camera shoot.

Also shot from centre stage - using a 360 camera,
giving a unique onstage view of the performance and venue.

Audio from this camera is mixed in binaural, as you pan the view audio moves in place.

 Offering an Artiste's onstage point of view.


Performed in locations that are beautiful and that offer an environment that enhances the whole experience for performers and audience alike



What do audience member get from this?


Patrons keep a copy of the recording, downloadable +48hrs from live show.

This will be mastered by and cleared for release by the Artist and their Label.


Option to choose which camera is watched and switch at will.

A Director feed if you prefer.