Our Audience have moved..

They must remain safely at home for the foreseeable future.

In so being, are deprived from the performances they had wanted to enjoy.

Covid-19 has also impacted every Artist, Venue, Promoter,  Event and Production Manager,

Engineer, Technician, Supplier, Crew Company, Runner, Haulier, etc etc

by reducing all of our incomes to zero – overnight.

As Lockdown relaxes: it is expected that groups of people will remain 2m separated and limited in numbers. 

Any large group will likely remain banned for some time.


The Arts will therefore effectively remain in Lockdown.

Starved of income.  Any emergency funding cannot last for ever.  Reserves will run out. 


This scenario is not sustainable - for even a short term.

It is also unnecessary.

The short/medium term solution is quite simple:

We simply reconnect our Venues and Artists with our Audiences - online


Professional high production values are what we make a living from.

Our industry reacts faster than most, solving the impossible is a daily.

Taking the Venues to our Audience should not tax us for long.. 




 Do what we do best, again.