Venues are not closed

They are all 'controlled environments'.

Safe to work within by small numbers of highly skilled people.

They also make beautiful backgrounds.

As when buying a ticket to a performance, Patrons access a feed.

Live at a time and date with high quality audio, multi cam footage, visuals as intended by artist and perhaps a Q&A with them


The model is self-sustaining.  We do not need funding or hand-outs.

Covering our costs, strictly not for profit, charities benefit from any surplus.


Nothing needs to be more complicated than that.



When the situation eventually lifts. 


Any show, anywhere in the world, is no longer limited to a seating plan or venue capacity.


‘Sold out’ is replaced with ‘online only’.

Geography becomes obsolete, a second revenue stream is established for all.  Who amongst us does not think that there will be a second wave of infection and second lockdown?


Together we can turn this period of time into a positive, able to experience and support any Culture anywhere in the World..